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Художник Джордж Иннесс (George Inness, 1825 - 1894)

Джордж Иннесс (англ. George Inness; 1825 - 1894) — американский художник-пейзажист, крупный представитель тонализма.

Medfield, Massachusetts - George Inness

A Marine - George Inness

Sunset in the woods - George Inness

Sunrise in the woods,1894 - George Inness

Etretat,1875 - George Inness

Frosty Morning, Montclair - George Inness. Dated 1885

After a Summer Shower - George Inness

George Inness - Early Autumn, Montclair (1891)

George Inness - The Storm

The Storm - George Inness

Delaware Water Gap - George Inness

Gray Day, Goochland - George Inness

Lake Nemi - George Inness

The Rainbow - George Inness

The Storm - George Inness (Reynolda House Museum of American Art)

The Trout Brook - George Inness

The Rainbow in the Berkshire Hills by George Inness, 1869

https://www.wikiwand.com/ru - биография художника
https://www.georgeinness.org/ - сайт, посвященный художнику

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