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Американский художник-пейзажист Бирдж Харрисон (Lovell Birge Harrison; 1854 - 1929)

Бирдж (Лоуэлл) Харрисон (англ. Lovell Birge Harrison; 1854—1929) — американский художник - тоналист, педагог и писатель. Брат художника - мариниста Александра Харрисона. 

Fifth Avenue at Twilight

Breathtaking dusk scene by An evening at Bryant Park, New York

Madison Square

Madison Avenue at Twilight

Cathedral Gates in Winter

Evening, Washington Square

Fifth Avenue in Winter

St. Michael's

A Puff of Steam by Birge Harrison from The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

A Wintry Walk

Late Winter Afternoon

Moonrise Over the Beach

Sunburst at Sea

Snowy Road at Kingston, N.Y.

Snow Scene

Misty Morn

The Evening Star

Clair de lune sur la riviere

 Evening On The Seine

Girl in a Wood


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