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Gustave Caillebotte, Eugene Boudin,  Charles Camoin, Charles Conder,   Elioth Gruner, Edward Henry Potthast  и др.

Charles Conder - Brighton, 1905

Edward Henry Potthast - Boat at Dock

Charles Camoin - White Sailing Boats at Port St.Tropez, 1925

Edward Henry Potthast - Beach at Far Rockaway

Elisio Meifren - Seascape with Sailing Boat

Paul Place-Canton - A View of Monaco, 1895

Elioth Gruner - Tamarama Beach, 1920

Eugene Boudin - Bretagne, Sailing Boats at the Bay, 1872

Gustave Caillebotte - Villas at Trouville, 1884

John Peter Russell - Au chien Rock at Belle-Ile

Maxime Maufra - Storm at Kerhostin, 1903

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